How to build a Gutenberg Block with HTM

I love HTM for it’s simplicity. HTM allows you to write JSX like syntax but without Webpack, and other complexities. The great thing about HTM is that it’s just 700 bytes. That’s right. When you setup a Webpack environment it’s very easy to reach 200MB+. Webpack might be good for complex applications but I wouldn’t […]

How to create a Facebook APP ID and Secret key

This article will show you how to create a Facebook App Id, Secret key and Access API information for integrating Facebook into your app or website. Step 1:- Login to Facebook developer’s website with your Facebook credentials. Then Create an application by clicking on My Apps >Add New App Step 2:- Enter a Display Name […]

Use customer’s phone number as username in Woocommerce

I didn’t want my customers to remember a separate username so I thought why not automatically use their phone numbers as their username. They won’t have to remember their usernames this way. If the registration form was built with GravityForms or custom form it was easy to map phone number as username but in the […]